Super Fast Debt Settlement Setup Fee

Super Fast Debt Settlement Setup Fee




This company will also include your credit repair for a separate fee/if you need it. They do not collect monthly escrow fees. This company will send you an LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) to speak to creditors, collectors, etc
and will forward all settlement offers to you that are 60% off or greater. You then decide which offer to accept or to turn down. You typically then have 30 days to pay the creditor or collector directly the full settlement amount. Many times they can dispute certain fees or charges so that they can get the settlement to be conditional to having the account deleted from your credit report. They charge a “success fee” after you accept the settlement offer, you are then invoiced to pay a percentage of the savings/not a percentage of the total debt (huge difference), and this percentage is tiered (somebody may have a $4 million judgment, or $600,000 in credit card debt, or $50,000 in debt, so obviously the percentage of savings will be different based on that amount. They will contact you in advance, to do a soft pull 3 bureau credit report pull/and they will email you a copy before your appointment. If you have the means and are serious about your credit, then this company can get you amazing results. The setup fee is a one-time fee of $799.


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