In-Depth Credit Repair Setup Fee

In-Depth Credit Repair Setup Fee




This credit repair company is also a “pay for delete” styled company, and of course they have a one-time setup fee (certified mail for current and upcoming months/prepared affidavits, future revised affidavits, and much more). You will then only pay each month after items are deleted. The billing for deletions is tiered (some people have 6 negative items, other people have 16 negative items, and some people have 60 negative items), so, the price per deletion is obviously different. Their agreement has the pricing of the tiered breakdown, and, they have a $2,000 maximum billing cap for item deletions – even if you suddenly get new items (new collections/a new late, etc..) and they get those deleted too/your protected with a maximum cap of $2,000 as per their agreement. Fill out the lead caption form first, They will call you over the phone, to do a soft pull, 3 bureau credit report pull/and, they will then email you a copy before your credit consultation appointment. The setup fee is a one-time fee of $599.


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