Franchise Business/Franchising

Do you have a business, that you would like to franchise out, to locations, all over? Or, do you want consultations on how, and the particulars, for buying an existing franchise location, that is already well established?

Get yourself set up to succeed. Success requires key knowledge on franchise employee training manuals, marketing, ordering, shipping, software needs, credit card merchant terminal protections, financing options for the new locations, FTC rules, and different state laws.

It is an absolute necessity to have an amazing team in your corner, a team who makes things happen. Fill in your info. We will happily have an expert contact you.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is many times, a huge key to people’s success. Hearing expert, outside the box ideas, hearing great questions, organizing your goals, and getting help in prioritizing your top 1 or 2 or 3 goals for the week is a stellar move to rapidly and efficiently grow your business.

Get timely reminder texts, achieve more with needed accountability and inspiration, tracking your tasks, re-adjusting tasks when things come up, and not letting up on your goals. The skills and systems set up by your business coach are invaluable.

Think and decide, are you looking to meet with your coach weekly, or twice a week, or maybe instead meet twice a month? Then ask yourself again, how long do I want to discuss my tasks, ideas, goals, measure results? Do you want to meet with your business coach each time for an hour? or for 2 hours? Do you prefer Zoom calls/or phone calls, at night, or on weekends?

Get started. Take action. Buckle down to always accomplishing the main 1 or 2 priorities each week. Get follow-up motivational reminders. Get accountable and love it. Get yourself what you need. Enter your info, get a consultation, and skyrocket your success.

Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups are a huge key to many people’s success. The facilitators of these groups are experienced, organized, and incredibly helpful to your group. Remember, other members of your mastermind group have many times tested and tried things that you are either working on, or considering implementing, and can share stellar advice with you. The combined group that you are in is frequently heavily well networked to help you get to the right people when having challenges, or pursuing extra business. The synergy and information are outstanding, as well as the bonds of friendship that are gained.

So, ask yourself, are you looking to meet weekly, twice a month, and for either an hour, or 2 hours? Do you prefer Zoom calls at night, or on weekends? Do you want the group to be members in a similar field, or based on their level of business success/accomplishments?

Mastermind groups can range in price from $400 a month to $10,000 a month. Get yourself what you need. Enter your info, get a consultation to get into the best group for yourself, and skyrocket your success.

Credit Card Merchant Processing– for Normal or High Risk Businesses

Do you despise fluctuating fees? Get a simple, bottom-line agreement with low percentage processing, and consistent rates that don’t surprisingly change later.

  • Simple dashboard
  • No hidden fees
  • Easy correspondence if someone disputes a charge

This is an important worry to not have. Get a quote now.

Credit Card Merchant Processing– for Companies that Process A Lot Of Money Each Month

Do you process more than $100,000 a month in credit card payments through your merchant terminal? If you do, it is now possible to save big time.

  • No fluctuating fees, no surprise rate increases
  • Ready and attentive communications
  • Great all-inclusive dashboard
  • Fully inclusive rates, typically between $0.012 and $0.017.

Get a quote now. Let us show you and compare the difference of what you’re already paying.