Affiliate Enrollment - Step 2 of 2...

Enrollment Fee: $199

**See Our Full and Complete 100% Money back Guarantee below!

Full support email, and training videos/for those successfully signed up.

Successfully enrolled affiliates will have login access for tracking leads and commissions, and viewable access to the status of each lead.

In order to maintain the highest standards within the network, and to keep this from growing too large to fast, we charge a refundable $199 application fee (and after 1 year, if you have not earned $199 or more in paid commissions to you, then we will fully refund your $199 application fee).

Also, if you are not approved to be an affiliate, we will immediately refund your $199 application fee.

Also, Your $199 application fee will be fully refunded with your first commission earnings, that top $500.

If you choose to stay with us, after 12 months, there is an annual affiliate member fee of $99 for every affiliate. If for some bizarre reason you are eligible for a refund after the 12 months/no earned commissions, then we will fully refund your application fee, and, we will terminate your account. However, in that same bizarre situation, If you would rather us/want us, to keep your account open/and to waive the refund, you’ll have 30 days after your 1 year affiliate program expires, to notify us of such/and, we will honor your request, and, we will waive the upcoming year renewal fee (it will be $ zero/free of charge). The “application fee” and renewal fees are not commissionable on either affiliate or vendor sign-ups. What is commissionable though are the leads from products and service sales that successfully generate closed deals/generate money/as outlined in the Affiliate agreement. There may be some outside advertisers on the side/banner/other places, that are separate from this program, and not currently commissionable in this particular program.